My Monstralin Antidote

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster”. – Quote from Nietzsche in Courage to Change

As I am baited and my buttons get pushed, as my resolve to stay positive and restrain my tongue begins to weaken, I begin to feel the dormant human chemical I call “monstralin” release into my body. As it begins to saturate my bloodstream, I once again realize how righteous and invincible I really am. My armor becomes strong and impenetrable to the voice of reason or my Higher Power. I then wield my mighty power to decimate the feelings of others, sometimes destroying a relationship it two. I continue to go on and ruin opportunities for healing and abundance. I have become the monster I am fighting. My only hope is to diligently and consistently work a spiritual program of action. It’s my monstralin antidote. Today I’m doing the deal and hopefully will avoid becoming the monster.

– JamesQ

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