Knowing When to Surrender

“I can let go of the parts of my life that are not under my control and I can take charge of the parts that are”. Courage to Change

This reading helps me remember that whenever I find myself struggling (frustrated, angry, confused, or depressed about something), I can simply ask myself:

“Is this something I have control over?”

If the answer is yes, then I can write out the ways in which I can affect the situation. Then I can share these with my sponsor and, if any of them appear to be helpful, I can follow up with action.

Alternatively, if I discover that I have no control over the person or situation, or the options of actions I can take seem unwise at the moment (based on the conversation with my sponsor), then I can just look up and say:

“Oh well God, this one’s in your court. I trust you to take care of this in your own time. Meanwhile I’ll go out there and take some actions that will help me continue loving this life you’ve given me. ”

– JamieQ

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