I Need to Let it Go

“We will face our powerlessness today in ways we cannot fully anticipate. When we are honest with ourselves and face it directly, we can take the risk of letting go. Let me not be so tied to what I have or to what I want that I cannot lean on God’s love and take a risk for growth.”
– Touchstones 1/7/15

I like how this tells me that no matter how much I want something, how badly I seek it, that what I need to do is realize that I need to let it go. if it is meant to be it will happen, I just have to take the next indicated actions and give the rest to God. When I live by this principle I have less worry and anxiety. I have more serenity and inevitably achieve much more than I would otherwise. My life is full from letting go to God. There is something that I really want right now but I’m going to let it go, give it to God, and be at peace. ILML!

– JasonW

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