Each Precious Moment

“… neither inner nor outer enemies will prosper or take over unless you let them.” – Until Today

I’ve heard others say hurtful, shameful, angry words to me. I’ve heard my inner voice say them to me too. Those words imprison me in misery, or at the very least, take me there for a little while. When we finally hit a bottom around allowing the dis-ease (either ours or another’s) to hurt us, we’re ready to do the work necessary to love our life: (1) writing and sharing our daily gratitude, (2) reading from books that inspire us, (3) journaling out our problems and writing down solutions, and (4) sharing that inspiration with others. By taking these actions, we detach from negativity and insist on enjoying each precious moment of life. In Florida, with my beautiful wife, about to see my daughter Annie play softball and ILML! 

– JamieQ

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