Key to my Success

“Unclasp your hold on material things, relax your grip, and the tide of peace and serenity will flow in. Relinquish every material thing and receive it back again from God. Do not hold onto earths treasures so firmly that your hands are too occupied to clasp God’s hands as he holds them out to you in love.”– 24 Hours a Day 4/5

This is tough for me, to unclasp my hold on material things. I have a lot of material items but I want a lot more. But I do know that through letting go and having faith in a higher power that I’ve been able to say clean and sober for over 12 years. If letting go and surrendering to my higher power is the key to my success, then I guess letting go of my material desires and just taking the next right indicated action would be just as effective. I pray today that I can tear my hands off of my materialism and have faith in my higher power instead and know that I will be taken care of, that I will get exactly what I am supposed to have. Grateful to be part of the solution. ILML!

– JasonW

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