I Seek A Balance

“Self-pity… I can see it for what it is — a waste of time”. – Courage to Change p. 177

The cure to self-pity is helping those less fortunate than me. It allows me to put my life into perspective, and helps me to appreciate what I have more. It also boosts self-esteem, confidence and compassion. It gives me a purpose. It allows me to transform my thoughts from thinking less of myself to thinking of myself less. Service. Giving back. Mentoring with love, not control or dictation. But to mentor I must be a loving example of recovery in action. I have found, love and am proud of my rigorously consistent program. Rituals, prayer, meditation, exercise, work, play. I seek a balance. Then I go to meetings and share what it was like, what my program is now, and how it has reshaped my life. Then I share it with others, one on one, and I am given the best gift of all — the opportunity to love and help others. This builds my self-esteem and destroys my self-pity, so that I love who I am becoming and ILML!

– JamieQ

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