The Boat of Life

“If you have no time for prayer and meditation, you will have lots of time for sickness and trouble.” – Emmet Fox’s Sermon On The Mount c. 1935

If I am not engaged in solution, then I’m not cultivating it. It’s of direct importance for me to understand that there’s a leak in my lifeboat (boat of life). It will continue to sink until I plug the hole. It’s crucial to be truthful when assessing and reflecting over the condition of my vessel. Concluding that the water on the floor is overspray from the waves at sea requires no great effort; however, that will not prevent me from sinking. I cannot afford to fool myself about values. Enacting the repair attempt takes more time and energy than saying, “Hey, it’s wet down there!”

– Aloha Mike

From Jamie: “I must take the time each day to connect with source. Maintaining the condition of my ‘boat of life’ will assure that I don’t drown in resentment or self-pity, and instead enjoy the ride.”

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