In the Solution

“If I were to chase each particular care, each particular worry, and each particular sorrow I would have business on hand for the rest of my life… The moment I… let go… 99/100 of my troubles drop away.” – 12 Step Prayer Book 

Great advice. But how do I just let go? Funny you should ask. The 2nd book I read this morning (12&12 p.98) said when self-examination, meditation and prayer are logically interwoven they provide an unshakable foundation for life. By consistently practicing these simple rituals each and every morning I am much more able to surrender everything that bothers me. And when I’m in the solution, ILML! 

– JamieQ

3 thoughts on “In the Solution

    • Yes. Before the Big Book was written the founders used a bible. Thank God they had the good sense to open the door to faith by allowing each of us to find a higher power that resonates individually for each of us. In reading Emmet Fox’s Sermon on the Mount, he expresses that Christ’s message, like so many other great spiritual leaders, was simply “Love.” The 11th step prayer says it best to me “Make me an channel of thy peace, where there is hatred I may bring love.”


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