You’re So Awesome!

… taking a searching and fearless inventory… I was asked to recognize positive qualities about myself.” – Courage to Change 

So often when we are in the mode of self-discovery, searching for answers that will lead us to freedom and happiness, we take a hard look at our shortcomings. Ironically, though identifying problems may help in finding solutions, focusing on what we love about ourselves has a far more beneficial result: it puts us into gratitude. Just for today, why not list out 10 things that are great about you? I’ll share my list with you, and I’d love to see yours. Why are you so awesome? By focusing on the compressed good (gOd) within and all around me, ILML! 

– JamieQ

2 thoughts on “You’re So Awesome!

  1. I love my passion for the AA way of life. I am at my best when I speak about this program. I love that I can be alone with myself not having to depend on anyone or anything to make me happy! Too many great things about me to list!! Lol! ILML!
    P.S. You are awesome too James!


    • So awesome. Here’s mine…

      1. I love my life
      2. I invite abundance in daily
      3. I work on staying healthy
      4. I try to love everyone
      5. I love helping others
      6. I believe in goodness
      7. I work hard at my goals
      8. I engage in hobbies daily
      9. I am unselfish but love me 1st
      10. I am a clean and sober man


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