The Crashing Waves

“Avoid the rapids when possible. If you can’t, stay relaxed… If you go under for a moment, allow yourself to surface naturally. You will.” – The Language of Letting Go 

I do a ton of recovery work every day. Affirmations. Prayer. Yoga. Exercise. Eating healthy. Reading inspirational books. Journaling my inventory. Making amends. Writing gratitude lists. Going to meetings. Sponsorship. Sending out recovery texts and blog posts. And even with all that, the waters of my life are not always smooth and calm. When things get rough, when I am tossed and turned in the turbulent, crashing waves of my mind, occasionally I am taken under and can’t breath. In those moments, I do everything I can to reconnect with my higher power and have faith that I will survive and thrive. And I remember “This too shall pass!” and soon enough ILML! 

– JamieQ

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