I Am Incredible

“… Make another list of your behaviors entitled: All The Ways I Am Incredible… appreciate  yourself for the miraculous being you are.” – Attitudes of Gratitude in Love 

My Dis-ease is often very busy with put downs and criticism – not only of others but of myself. Being aware of how judgemental I can be, it’s important for me to reverse that negativity by identifying some of my goodness. And while I’m at it, I invite you to do the same and share it with me. Here are ten things I love about… me: (1) I am super loving, (2) I am a very hard worker, (3) I have integrity, (4) I walk my talk, (5) I take great care of my body and health, (6) I love myself tremendously,(7) I’m extremely loyal, (8) I’m a great daddy, (9) I’m a loving husband, (10) I’m a certified life lover through and through. Making that list reinforces that, indeed, ILML! Send me yours! 

– JamieQ

2 thoughts on “I Am Incredible

  1. My name is Hermene,
    I have an awesome sense of humor.
    I am a positive influence to everyone I have been blessed to meet in this life.
    I am the absolute best mom and most awesome Mimi!
    I am very committed to whatever I choose to tackle.
    I sing with the voice of an angel.
    I am a warm, accepting and loving human being.
    I give 100% of myself when I am in a relationship with the opposite sex and all my friends.
    I selflessly tithe my time, talent and finances to my Church and worthy causes.
    I am a great pet owner.
    I am the best massage therapist ever because I channel guidance from above.
    I take care of my health by eating properly and exercising.
    I live an “on purpose” life for my 3 year old grand daughter who did not have the chance to do so.
    I know that the love that was placed in my heart wasn’t given to me to stay… because love isn’t love until I give it away!
    I AM who I AM
    Loving and free human being forever!
    Thank you for letting me share.
    Much love and blessings to you and your James.


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