Make Changes to be Happy

“Since defective relations with other human beings have nearly always been the cause of our woes…see those flaws… which sometimes were responsible for the whole pattern of our lives.” – 12&12 p.80

Are you tired of blaming others for your pain and suffering? Are you tired of asking others nicely to please not say or do hurtful things? Are you discouraged that it’s hopeless and they will never change? Well I’ve got news for you —chances are you’re right, they won’t change. But here’s the good news: You can make changes to be happy regardless. You can set boundaries. You can take actions when boundaries aren’t respected. You can detach with love. You can love your life, even if they don’t change. If you haven’t yet identified the changes you can make to feel better, try taking a fearless moral inventory and share it with someone who loves life. Get suggestions from them on changes you can make to improve your life. Then take the suggestions. These are the steps I’ve done many times — and continue to do — which bring me peace, and as a result, ILML! 

– JamieQ

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