If I’m Upset I’m a Victim

“… as long as I think someone or something else has caused more problems, I remain a victim who has no control over my life.” – Reaching for Personal Freedom 

I had a revelation this morning. Every time I’m upset, no matter the reason, I’m instantly a victim. If I’m upset because someone says something mean, or I do something dumb, or something doesn’t pan out as expected, I’m immediately a victim. Who wants to be a victim today? I’m guessing that no one is jumping up and saying “Me! Me! Me!”. Well, neither do I. So here’s the plan: The next time I’m upset I’ll (1) Instantly recognize I am already a victim, (2) Remember that I don’t want to remain a victim for even one more second, (3) Say out loud “No thanks. Not interested in playing the victim anymore.” Then I’ll yell out ILML! 

– JamieQ

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