Happy Wife, Happy Life

“… cultivate relationships that are free from manipulation and control.” —Reaching for Personal Freedom 

This morning my wife and I got into one of those disagreements. She wanted us to do one thing. I wanted us to do something else. In a relationship that’s equal, as opposed to hierarchical (parent/child, boss/employee, etc), resolving differences of opinion is challenging. Lucky for us, she is usually right (lol), and often times I come around to her way of thinking (probably because doing my will has frequently been the cause of suffering). Initially I interpret see her wanting her way as manipulation and control, when in fact, it’s usually an attempt to make healthy choices for us. It’s only through this program that I have learned to lower my defenses (a little) and try harder to listen to her. I sometimes still let my self-will run riot and do it my way (yes I’m stubborn). But when her decision is really what’s best for us, and I trust her, she is happier, we are happier and ILML! 

— JamieQ

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