Why I Love My Life

“A.A. has given me serenity of purpose, the opportunity to be of service to God and to the people about me, and I am serene in the infallibility of these principles that provide the fulfillment of my purpose.” – AA, Freedom From Bondage

Regular readers of my blog and recovery texts know that I am not a religious man, but that I have a great relationship with the God of my understanding. That said, what struck me about this reading was the reality that this purpose they refer to is absolutely invaluable to me. In fact, I would go so far as to say that there are very few organizations in this world that you can join, which will give you the opportunity to love and be loved by so many other wonderful people. Where you can develop rich and rewarding friendships that will last a lifetime. My life has been forever blessed by AA and Al-Anon. Being a member of both programs, and embracing the principles to the best of my ability, is THE reason why ILML! 

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