My Make-Believe Friend

“I am grateful to have God in my life.” – Daily Reflections
For the first 10 years of recovery I was the PG James (pre-God). The idea of God was so absurd that I was shocked so many people actually believed in this fantasy called God. The problem was that I wanted the promises that those who believed in God so often spoke of: a peace of mind, a sense of comfort during difficulties, a source of inspiration and direction. But how could I get this when I knew God was a figment of their imagination. Then it came to me. If I was so sure they were prentending, and concurrently believed that they were happier by doing so, why couldn’t I pretend? I reasoned that, so long as I knew my God was make-believe I could try. That was the opening of the door. The rest is history. I now experience all those promises myself with my make-believe friend called God (compressed GOoDness). And as a result, ILML! 

– JamieQ

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