Love, Gratitude & Peace

“When we make the decision to turn our will over to the care of God, what are we actually doing? …we are saying “You decide. And then something miraculous happens. Peace descends upon us.” — In God’s Care

Here is what I think: God is not a man, an entity or a thing. God is too intangible to be explainable, too mysterious to be definable, and too boundless to be typecast. Our program suggests that we discover an understanding God that resonates for us personally. To me, God is not a loving and grateful entity, but rather IS the actual energy of love and gratitude. When I turn a problem over, I say “The energy I’m feeling around this situation is no longer comfortable. I surrender this to the energy of love and gratitude that I may be free of it, and goodness will descend upon all. ILML!”

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