How to Stop Feeling bad

“Life’s assignment is to live unselfishly… Our own burdens will lighten every time we show kindness… When we offer love freely… We also give a gift to ourselves…” —  In God’s Care

Do you ever feel bad? Silly question. Of course you do. At some point we all feel less than happy and stoked about life. Well here’s a secret to anyone who wants to stop feeling bad quickly. Be really nice and loving to someone – it doesn’t have to be the person you’re upset with. Find someone who could use your help, compassion or kindness. Be of service by being loving towards someone, anyone. Watch what happens. It’s impossible to stay in self-pity or resentment while we are being helpful, kind and loving to someone else. I do this often because every time I am truly unselfish and help others from my heart, ILML! 

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