5 Principles of Loving Life 

“Unless you do specific things to raise your levels of happiness and energy and positivity, you will be continually sucked down. You have to take an active role in making yourself happy.” —Shay Carl Butler

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Here is the way I stay happy and love my life: (1) I search daily to increase my understanding and awareness of ways I can get into gratitude and love my life, (2) I take a daily inventory, writing down what’s going on in my life, getting it out of my brain and onto paper, (3) I practice being hyper-aware the moment I start to feel unhappy, (4) With this awareness, I immediately apply the tools I’ve been studying and learning to get me back into feeling good right away, and (5) I attempt to share the secrets of loving life with as many others as I can. By practicing these 5 principles every day, no matter what’s going on, ILML!

— JamieQ

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