“Awareness is the first step toward positive change and growth… toward solving the problem…” The Language of Letting Go 

Usually when I’m struggling with something, going over and over and over again about it, my head is spinning in a useless cycle that doesn’t go anywhere. And finding any type of resolution when I’m in that state of mind is impossible. So what do I do when I become aware of this destructive cycle? I put the pen to paper. I’ve discovered that talking about it to myself – and even others sometimes – is far less effective at quieting my mind, finding solutions, and getting back to a peaceful place – then journaling out what’s on my mind. Journaling provides clarity, something my mind often can’t do by itself. It also takes the emotion down a few notches and helps me to remember that the most important thing is not this situation or problem or feeling, but getting myself back into gratitude. Because when I’m in a place of thank-you-ness, ILML! 

– JamieQ

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