I Don’t Like Being Upset

“When we condemn someone, we condemn ourselves. By loving others, we are loved.” – In God’s Care

Whenever I’m upset at someone else, I feel bad. In fact, you’ll notice that buried within the statement “I’m upset with someone” are the words “I’m upset.” So the way to not being upset (in other words, to be happy), is to not be upset with any person, place or thing. Sound too simple? It is. But of course, it’s not easy, especially if we’ve been getting upset all our lives. So here is the secret: the next time you get upset at someone or something, realize it. Then say to yourself “I don’t like being upset. I’m gonna let this one go for now.” Now focus on something else, something good in life. You’re not saying what happened is ok, just that you are not interested in being upset now. When I become aware that I’m upset, and consciously choose to let it go, then focus on good things, ILML! 

– JamieQ

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