Awakening to Meditation

“… meditation is in reality intensely practical. One of it’s first fruits is emotional balance.” – 12&12, p.101-102
Being a bit high strung, Type A personality and self-diagnosed with ADHD, sitting still and meditating has always been a challenge for me. But the fact that it’s been difficult for me only means that more opportunities for abundance and happiness lie in my ability to successfully develop this habit. And the promise of becoming more emotionally balanced is certainly worth the effort. So a year ago I purchased a meditation app for $1.99 called Simply Being, and started listening to it in bed upon awakening. This habit seems to center me, relaxing me, balancing me for the day. It’s way better than reaching for my smart phone first thing in the morning. And every time I start my day with meditation, ILML! 

– JamieQ

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