Feeling Good is Great

“… we placed humility first… we received the gift of faith…” – 12&12 p.30

Humility, to me, is recognizing everything in the 11th step prayer to be true, and practicing it. It really is better to understand, comfort and love others than to be understood, comforted and loved. Why? Because we feel truly comforted when we place our focus on comforting others, helping them to get out of their dis-ease. We feel truly understood when we really listen to others and understand how they feel – putting ourselves in their shoes. We feel truly loved when we learn to love others for the pure joy of having the opportunity to be loving. When I practice the suggestions in the 11th step prayer, I feel good, which great! And let’s face it, good is just another word for… God. ILML! 

– JamieQ

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