The Power To Change

…the outer world is a mirror of our inner world. If we can tame the inner beast inside, the dramas in our outer worlds will subside.” – Tiny Buddha  

It’s funny how I often perceive that the way I’m feeling is a result of the outside world – people, places, things and situations. But the truth is, the outside world really is more of a reflection of how I’m feeling. This is great news, because it means that if the outside world isn’t really going my way, I have the power to change it, simply by adjusting my attitude. I have lots of ways to do that: I can plug into my HP, say some affirmations, stretch, do some yoga, sing, dance, exercise, handle my responsibilities,take better care of myself, get enough sleep and healthy food, go to a meeting,  read some good inspirational literature, journal, write and share a gratitude list, or reach out to others in my recovery circle. Today I have a giant toolkit full of great ways to feel good. When I take time to use some of those tools in order to feel better inside, things outside of me start to get better too, and ILML! 


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