Loud and Scary

“Avoid loud and aggressive person; they are vexations to the spirit.” 12 Step Prayerbook (Desiderata)

My dad is one of the most loving men I know. Growing up he read and told me stories at bedtime. Tucked me in. Stroked my hair. Told me he loved me and how wonderful I was. He took me on hikes, to the batting cages, to visit animal recovery homes. Today he tells me often how proud he is of me. But when I was young my father drank sometimes. And when he did, his voice would get loud and scary, and he would be aggressive. Thank God he eventually got sober. In fact, he was my Recovery Eskimo. These days he speaks softly and kindly, and I practice doing the same. We both try to avoid loud, aggressive people. By living in the solution, consistently trying to become a better man, ILML! 

– JamieQ

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