Key to Happiness

“Sometimes… we may become convinced that things and people outside of ourselves hold the key to our happiness.” – The Language of Letting Go 

Addicts become obsessed with getting what they need to feel better. Alcohol, drugs, food, sex, money, recognition, validation, etc. We often believe that we can be happy if only… or that everything will be fine when… But deep inside we know it’s not true. Why? Because we’ve been there before. We said it before. And we got what we wanted before. And the happiness was fleeting at best. But I’ve found something that makes me happy right this moment. And it’s the kind of long-lived happiness I’ve always desired. And it’s not dependent on any person behaving a certain way, me getting something I’m waiting for, or any situation turning out the way I’d like it to be. By simply having, and working, a daily rigorous program of action made up of simply tasks that focus me on gratitude, love and kindness, I can be happy immediately, no matter what. Simply put, when I make it a priority to do the daily deal, ILML!  

– JamieQ

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