A Quest to be Great

“If we are in tune with our Higher Power… we learn to recognize our Guiding Voice.” – Adapted from In God’s Care

I’ve been on a quest for the last 15 years to become a great man. That process requires that I be consistent in reading from books that inspire me to be the best man I can be, journal daily to gain a better understanding of myself, pray to tap into the higher power within me, speak my affirmations aloud in order to manifest abundance, exercise, stretch, sleep deeply and eat healthily to keep my body well, share ESH with those who are also on this journey, and step up to be of service when others need help. It is in doing all these things that I learn to identify which voice is speaking to me inside my head. Because it is only by listening to, and acting upon, the words of my higher, instead of lower power, that ILML!  

– JamieQ

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