First Things First

“Things such as money, acclaim, prestige, power, fame, popularity, recognition, respect, good looks, stylishness, knowledge, and pride can become our idols if we put any of them before love.” – Adapted from In God’s Care

One of the greatest gifts that 12 step fellowship has given me is the opportunity to love others and be loved by them. I spend many hours each day trying to make money, gain the respect and admiration of others, dress nicely, stay fit, do the best I can for my clients, and increase my knowledge. In my opinion, those are all good, healthy and fruitful pursuits. However, readings like this remind me to always put my program, love and connecting with my source of gratitude first, above all else in life. When I do that, abundance in all other areas flow into me and ILML! 

– JamieQ

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