Pure Unadulterated Love

“To forgive means to refrain from… demanding satisfaction for an offense… to grant pardon without harboring resentment.” – A New Pair of Glasses

As long as I’m upset about the behavior of someone else, I have not forgiven them. The result is not so much that they will be punished, but rather that I will stay in misery until I am able to let go of my hurt feelings, and forgive them entirely, replacing my upsettedness with love. This is not always easy, it frequently takes a lot of work. But no great achievements in life can be accomplished without a determined effort of exertion. Today I will take an honest look at every person in my life and ask myself if there are any whom I have not forgiven. Then I will make a concerted effort to forgive each and everyone of them, filling my thoughts of them, and wishes for them, with pure unadultared love. When I do this, without any reservations, ILML! 

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