Groundhog Day is Over

“We enjoy moments in which there is something like real peace of mind.” – 12&12 p.74

In thinking back to my days before some sobriety, I can’t remember any time where I actually had peace of mind. I usually awoke feeling very uncomfortable, then I got high or drank to face the day, and afterwords attempted to make money to buy things, making sure I kept booze and drugs on hand at all times. I had no higher power or self-esteem. I didn’t like myself. I didn’t like others. I loved to get things, never to give. I was angry and unhappy. I had few friends and all the relationships that I did have were strained. It was like Groundhog Day. Wake up. Get wasted. Trudge unhappily through the day. Get wasted. Go to bed. Rinse and repeat. That life gave me zero peace of mind. The program changed everything. I look forward to each day as I arise, happy to be alive, smiling and grateful, connected to God because ILML! 


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