Scientifically Proven Ideas

I release all anger, resentment and blame. I truly forgive all those that need forgiving, and I forgive myself. I look forward to this day with love, and peace, and joy and anticipation of abundance in every area. This will be one of the best days I have ever had. I love you.” – Louise Hay Morning Meditation

We’ve all heard it before. The power of positive thought, the attitude of gratitude, and living in the moment. These aren’t ideas that might or might not work to make our life better – they are scientifically proven ones. It’s pretty simple. When I don’t take the time to do the daily deal, life just isn’t as great, and I’m not so happy. But when I invest an hour or two each morning in doing the deal, no matter what has happened in my past, or what is coming my way, ILML!

– JamieQ

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