Recovering Peace 

“Fear… can only produce suffering… you just need to practice… love.” – The Mastery of Love

As with so many other suggestions, this one sounds pretty straightforward and logical, however, executing it in times of duress is not so effortless. Simple but not easy, as they say. The one thing that will always keep me in fear is being unconscious of it. Awareness is the only way for me to recover my happiness. Upon awareness that I’m in Dis-Ease, I then invite faith (aka love) in by simply saying:

“Ok, it’s time to let it go again. Everything will be great. You’re gonna be just fine, whatever happens. This will all work out. It’s exactly as it’s supposed to be. God’s got your back. Now it’s time to trust the process.” 

When I practice awareness of my dis-ease, and take contrary action to get back into a place of peace… ILML! 

– JamieQ

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