Empowering Others by Not Minding Their Business

“…not spending my energy trying to figure out other peoples lives, I have… peace… Many of my problems stemmed from minding everyone’s business but my own.” – Hope for Today 

Wow, that’s a pretty epic insight. It’s almost automatic for me to want to get involved in what’s going on with others. And the more emotionally attached to the person I am, the more I can’t seem to help myself. It’s one thing to be there for others and get involved in their little dramas when I’m being asked for my opinion or assistance, but it’s an entirely other thing to do so just because I can’t help myself. In those situations I take away the dignity and growth from others who need to walk through their own experiences (however painful) in order to get to the other side and feel empowered by handling it themselves. I may feel that they really need my help, or aren’t doing things the right way, or may even get hurt if I don’t intervene, but unless they are truly helpless and my responsibility (like my small child or my infirm, elderly parent), the only way to really work my program is to mind my own business. And when I do this, chances are much, much better that… ILML! 

– JamieQ

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