The Best Daddy

“The people in this program show that they love us, that they expect nothing in return, and that they only want good things for us.” – In God’s Care

I have four amazing children, each one a miracle in my life. I know that my kids, just like me, want loving friends and tools to use in order to make living life, and getting along with others, much easier. That’s exactly what the program has given me. Loving friends and clear direction on how to love life, be successful, feel great emotionally and play well with others. So how does a father, who loves his kids beyond words, bring his kids into the program so they can benefit in the same way I have? As much as I’d like to to drag them in, sit them down, and give them all the gifts I’ve received, ours is a program of attraction not promotion. Of course I hope that one day they can feel the love of our fellowship surround them, but until then I’ll just keep doing the Daily Deal and being the best daddy I can because when I do that… ILML! 

– JamieQ

2 thoughts on “The Best Daddy

  1. Our children are watching us. You have brought them into the program and given them the gifts that you received, by living the program. They see us….


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