I Believe: Real or Imagined

“My love for you is deeper than the ocean…” — 12 Step Prayer Book 
If you were to imagine that there really is a God, wouldn’t it be cool if you imagined that your personal Higher Power felt this way towards you? Of course I know some of the higher powers out there are “Group of Drunks”, “Good Orderly Direction”, nature, pets, the universe, energy, the Tree of Life, etc. And that’s totally cool. Mine used to be some of those (it’s always evolving).

But there’s something that really works for me imagining a higher power that’s not amorphous (without shape). I can then imagine that God has infinite love for me (as I have for my kids). And epic guidance to help me make kind, loving decisions that are best for me and others. 

I imagine that I can place anything that’s just too much for me into my Higher power’s hands and God says “Thank you for trusting me with this and letting it go. I got it. Everything will turn out great, you’ll see.” (That gift alone is worth believing in God). And I’m 100% cool imagining all this, because when I let myself believe in a God of my understanding, with all my heart, contrary to any and all evidence that would refute God’s existence, real or imagined, my life is infinitely better, I am way happier and … ILML! 

– JamieQ

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