This Path to Peace

“I was a self-willed, head-strong, self-centered, Mr. know It All. The list goes on. I developed these personality traits growing up in an alcoholic family. They bolstered my self-image and covered my fears and confusion about all the insanity, violence, and anger I experienced [growing up].” – Reaching for Personal Freedom 

Wow! If that’s not insightful into why I am the way I am, I’m not sure what is! I always knew I liked to be right and know it all, that I liked being in control and was determined to do things my way, but I didn’t really understand why I was like that. Now I know: it gave me a sense of safety trying to control my environment and pretending to know everything in order to keep me (and everyone else) safe. But guess what? I don’t and I can’t!

Again it came down to recognizing, accepting & embracing my powerlessness. In doing so I could also finally realize that I still retained the most important and influential power: that to choose how to think, feel and behave. But I discovered that I needed help to do those things consistently with grace, love, kindness and in peace. The help came from the people in the rooms, the program, the literature, doing the work and my Higher Power, who I found in the program and in all of you.

What a journey! So lucky to have found this path to inner truth, happiness and serenity. When I live in solution and stay in the center of this luxurious life raft… ILML! 

– JamieQ

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