My Program Comes First

Material success provides momentary pleasures but doesn’t leave us with lasting happiness… I will measure my success today by …” – In God’s Care

How do I measure success? Well, I love nice things; I always have. A few years after graduating college, I found myself sober, in a very respectable job, wearing a three piece suit, driving a convertible Mercedes 230SL, owning a condo, and with at least a couple hundred dollars in my pocket at all times. Guess what? I was miserable. True story! It wasn’t until after I came into the program, lost all those material things and then built a new life on a foundation of kindness, love and service that I finally found true peace of mind and happiness. Don’t get me wrong, I still love nice things. The difference is that now I put the principles of the program first. That way, whether or not the material stuff follows, I’m still at peace and happy. I’ve discovered that as long as I make sure I work my program first, get to meetings regularly, and stay in constant contact with my Higher Power … ILML! 

– JamieQ

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