The Higher Powered Voice

“… a voice deep within me told me to ask the “odd lady” to be my sponsor. I knew this voice was my Higher Power’s. “You’ve got to be kidding,” I said.” — Hope for Today 

That story reminds me of one of my own. One day I had a fight with my wife. I was really, really angry at something I can’t even remember. I went into the bathroom and was yelling. I looked up into the mirror and I, too, heard a voice deep within me. I knew for sure it wasnt me because it said, “I want you to go back out there, wrap your arms around your wife, put your head on her shoulder, then tell her you are sorry and that you love her.” I literally said out loud to the mirror “No way! Absolutely not! I am not going to do that!” This debate went back and forth a few times until I finally said, “Fine. You want me to do that? Ok. But you’ll see. It won’t make a difference!” So I did it — begrudgingly. And guess what happened? The anger melted. She held me tight. She said “Me too baby. I’m sorry. I love you.” And we ended up having a great night from there on. 

You may be saying “Come on? A God voice? Seriously! That’s absurd!” I don’t blame you. I would probably have said the same thing 20 years ago. But I know what I know. That night, and many times since, the voice that resonates at a higher energy, where feelings like love, peace, happiness and helpfulness exist, will speak to me. And when I listen for—and to—the words of my Higher Power… ILML! 

— JamieQ

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