Letting Go of What Ifs

“… change need not be so scary… My Higher Power May be inviting me to walk further down my spiritual path…” — Hope for Today 

I had the opportunity and privilege to talk with a friend this morning about some changes that may be occurring in his life. At first glance, they could be looked at with fear; fear that he may lose something and it could hurt. A part of my mind will worries about this all the time.

But “what ifing” is a painful exercise in fear, and keeps me out of the present, away from where peace, serenity and happiness lives. I’m not sure I’ll ever overcome fear of losing things I love or think I need, but by turning to my Higher Power when those feelings come up, I can walk through anything. When my mind wanders into the scary what ifs, by actively choosing to let go of them with the belief that my HP will bring me people and things that are even better for me, I can walk through the sadness of loss and into a place of peace, where new happiness awaits me. 

When I trust that my HP has my back, and everything that is happening is exactly as it should be in order for me to be more happy, more joyous, and more free… ILML! 

– JamieQ

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