Gifts for Growth

“… within our Twelve Step fellowship, we’re surrounded by people who exemplify the rewards of change.” – In God’s Care

I was just sharing the other night with Mike, another life loving member of the Program, how grateful I am for the examples that the people and literature in the program are to me. This certainly is a new way of living, one I never learned in school or college. 

Not that I’m ungrateful for the teachings I received in educational institutions, at home, and in the school of hard knocks, but what I’ve learned in the Program has helped me find a wonderful purpose in life – something I never had before. I’m here to stay sober so I can be of maximum useful service to others, which can only happen if I work the Program, trust God and love myself. 

And you know what else is cool? I also learn from the people in the rooms who don’t work a Program, who say and do things contrary to our principles. From them I learn exactly what not to be and how to avoid becoming them, namely by doing the recovery work that they clearly are unwilling to do in order to live on a higher spiritual plane. Which means that, even to them, I can say “Thank You!” 

When I am able to practice the awareness required to shift my judgement of others into compassion, and then finally into gratitude, they too become gifts for growth, and … ILML! 

– JamieQ

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