From Chaos to Comfort

“… manageabily crept in and replaced chaos.” — The Language of Letting Go 

That was not only true for the past, when I was drinking, using and living on the streets, but it’s still true for today. By using the tools of the program I can comfortably manage things in the presence of chaos.  

Things in life can get chaotic. Finance, romance, people and situations can go from awesome to crazy pretty quickly.  When they do, I have two choices: (1) I can embrace the chaos by reacting, defending and adding to it, or (2) I can use my heightened awareness to recognize that I’m in discomfort, step away from the situation for a moment, and then respond appropriately without being emotional or dramatic. Sometimes the best response is simply to detach. 

By gracing the space between the impulse to react and the reaction, I make room for love. Love of myself. Love of others. And the loving presence of my Higher Power. And when I have the presence of mind to do that—something that comes from consistent practice—no matter what kind of chaos and drama is thrown my way… ILML! 
— JamieQ

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