That Wonderful State

“Every person in our life is an invitation to know God better… Through them God intends for us to learn to love…” In God’s Care

Really? Even the rude and ignorant drivers on the road? Even the guy that ripped me off? Even the people who are mean, selfish, judgemental and self-centered? I would actually say yes, perhaps even them more so than all the others. Why? Because they are the ones that force me to make a choice: react out of anger, fear and resentment (and be unhappy), or live the principles I’m learning in the program (and love my life).

If I look back, the people who I felt were the worst for me also were ones that I learned the most from. 

By shifting my expectations of others and having gratitude for what I can learn and how I can grownfrom my relationship with them, I can shift out of disappointment, resentment and self pity into that wonderful state of acceptance and peace where… ILML! 

– JamieQ

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