Swamp Thing

“Self-pity is an enticing swamp. Sinking into it takes so much less effort than hope, or faith, or just plain moving.” – Living Sober, p. 56

The level of my self-pity is inversely proportional to the spiritual work that I do on a daily basis: meetings, journaling, being of service, meditation, prayer…. grateful not to be a Swamp Thing today. Love your life! – Roozbeh

True Ambition

“True ambition is not what we thought it was. True ambition is the profound desire to live usefully and walk humbly under the grace of God.”

12&12. p.124-125

What would happen to this world if even 1% of people practiced true ambition? It is a powerful transformative force that I am so grateful to have found…for me it’s a really simple choice… I was wired to live this way or suffer a whole lot! Love your day! – Roozbeh

Path to Happiness

“I cannot consider myself different in AA; if I do I isolate myself from others and from contact with my higher power…Today I practice being just another alcoholic in the worldwide fellowship of alcoholics anonymous”. – Daily Reflections

Choosing isolation in sobriety has resulted in stagnation and emotional pain. Learning day by day to be “a part of” is the path to happiness and fulfillment. Just by sharing this text, I can intro HP into my life today. Share one with me, and love your life!

A Sense of Belonging

“The belonging I have always wanted I have found in AA. God is there. My sponsor is there. All the credit belongs to God.” – Big Book, p. 485

A sense of belonging that comes from the heart is a rare treasure I have access to through my sponsor, the fellowship, and my Higher Power. This shit is real magical, and I’m grateful to share it with you guys. ILML!