A Practical Recipe

“… a practical recipe for getting out of trouble… overcome any difficulty… have an open mind… stop thinking of the trouble, whatever it is… drive the thought of difficulty right out of your consciousness, substituting for it the thought of God. This is the crux of the whole thing.” – The Golden Key by Emmet Fox

This God thing is rough for a lot of people I know. How can we believe in something we can’t see? Why should we believe others that there is a God? If God exists, and is good, why all the bad stuff? I struggled for a long time with these questions until I just decided to believe 100%, knowing I may be just “pretending”. Today it doesn’t matter if God is or isn’t “real”. My truth is that my life is better with God in it – way better. I’m just way happier believing. Emmet’s Golden Key is a great reminder to me that if I think of my God (love, gratitude, peace), the problem loses its grip on my mind. I’m grateful for all the wonderful tools I continue to discover which show me how to love my life more fully. Everyday I’m super stoked that ILML! – James

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