Stop, Drop & Roll

“When there is a fire in your life, a problem that you have been unable to stop the spread of, do not try to fight it on your own… Just for today, go back to kindergarten. Stop! Drop! And Roll!” – Until Today

Before the program, but after I had emotionally separated from my dependence upon my family of origin, I felt alone and on my own. At first it was wonderful, but after years of feeling responsible for all my “problems”, I started to feel like a victim and unable to handle life alone. This feeling, even more than drugs and alcohol, drove me to the rooms. And Thank God it did! Today I have the support of the fellowship, a loving HP, and a vast array of tools to guide me out of the problem and into the solution. This new way of living is what makes me a life lover, and believe me, today, like most days, ILML! – James

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