“… what is a spiritual awakening… a sense of well-being, a feeling of peace… a new dimension of hope, love and peace… in direct proportion to the sincerity, depth and devotion with which I practice the Twelve Steps…” – Daily Reflections

In looking for definitions of this concept, Webster’s dictionary offers the following synonym for ‘spirit’: courage. So one way of interpreting a spiritual awakening could be waking up to what’s going on and choosing to be courageous. I like that.

It takes courage to change our old behaviors. It takes courage to detach with love, to not take the bait or react in anger. It takes courage to choose love when others are acting out of fear.

In fact, this whole process of recovery is a courageous awakening. Coming into the program took courage. Admitting powerlessness, seeking a God, surrendering, uncovering and letting go of my defects, making amends, practicing prayer and meditation – all of it takes courage.

Each time I embrace the tools of the program and walk away from drama, I’m tapping into a courage that is unshakable because so many before me have shown that it works.

And the result? A life beyond my wildest dreams. Great friendships and relationships with my family. A deep, strong feeling of self-esteem, coupled with a willingness to work hard towards those things I value.

I tend to believe that I have hundreds, if not thousands, of spiritual awakenings each year in recovery. Moments of courage when I actively choose words and actions that are kinder and more loving for me and others.

Today I celebrate our combined courage in this new, better way of living. Thank you for walking this toad with me. ILML!
– James

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