The Opposite List

“Part of my recovery has involved reversing some old ways of thinking.” – Courage to Change

After 32 years sober, I’m still sick of some of my behaviors. Using all of the recovery tools I’ve discovered has helped lessen them, but I’d really like to stop behaving in ways that hurt me or others.

Recently I started writing an opposite list in the morning, and it’s really helping. I spend 5 minutes reflecting on negative things I believe. “My finances are low. My job is boring. Etc” then I only write the opposite (true or not). “I have plenty of money. My job is fun.”

By planting the positive seeds, my attitude has benefited, and so has followed my behavior and my life. Today I’m open to new ways to evolve into a better man, and that’s just one more reason why ILML!

– James


3 thoughts on “The Opposite List

  1. This is absolutely awesome. I have thought about doing this. Kind of have on my blog. But I think I will try it on paper. Thank you for the inspiration and motivation. It is so great to hear that you feel it makes a difference for you1


    • I’m glad you think so too. It really is a great tool for me and many of my sponsees. I’m thinking of devoting a section on my blog to it, in order to explain it in more depth. Enjoy!


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