Loving and Loveable

“Accepting myself means not having to be rich, famous, powerful, or even “good.” It means not having to impress others. It means living authentically. It means being comfortable saying, “I don’t know.”” – Day by Day

At first read, this all seems obvious. But after disecting it a bit further, I realize that I base much, if not all, of my worth on other’s acceptance of me AND my actions. I am “good” because I am good and because I’m alive. I am one of God’s kids and deserve all the best in life for no other reason than that. I am loving and loveable and today I am going to accept myself as I am and those around me as they are. iLmL

– Richie B

2 thoughts on “Loving and Loveable

  1. Hi, before my near death experience I felt like my life was of no value to me or anyone else. Now though I am more like you in the way that I thank God for my life and I value it. If people think I’m different or weird I view it as a privilege after all when Jesus walked the earth look how he was viewed


    • I had a Sponsee named Charlie. I loved him very much. He had a heart attack and, according to the docs died on the table for several minutes. He came back but felt different from the experience. He had trouble describing it to others and was frustrated, felt different. This went on for several years and took him in and out of sobriety and the program. Unfortunately he passed, the exact circumstances are not known to me. It was hard to watch him struggle, feeling different, even in the 12 step rooms. And I, not having had the experience, was not of much use in guiding him back to serenity. In retrospect I feel it’s important to acknowledge the differences but look for the similarities, the areas where we relate to others. At least for me, that keeps me in the center of the pack where I feel safe and warm, surrounded by friends. Have a glorious day!


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