What do I Expect Today?

“Identify your expectations.” – Until Today

Doing this one thing has saved me thousands of hours of misery, anger, frustration and self-pity. Before program I never even thought to do this. Because I journal almost every day I’ve honed the habit by repetition. What do I expect today?… Everyone to be nice? Money to be ok? My car to start? No tooth ache? By recognizing and writing down my expectations, one by one, I can switch them to hopes but release the outcome. I can say “ok, that would be great, but if it doesn’t happen my life will be great anyway”. In this way I’m choosing my feelings ahead of time, rather than reacting to events. This allows me to roll with the punches and stay happy no matter what happens today. When I take the time to recognize my expectations, I give myself the gift of being ok when they are not met. What expectations do you have which might upset you if not met today? When I go from awareness to acceptance, ILML!

– JamesQ

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