The Ugly Reality

“… nausea, dry heaves, the rocking bed, the nightmare-filled mind.” – From Stars Don’t Fall in AA’s Big Book

Whenever I find myself thinking about drinking in a romantic way, all I have to do is read that one line. This is the ugly reality of where the disease takes me and others. Whether it was my family, friends, strangers or me, drinking always tended to end badly. 

For people like me there is no half-glass of wine or “just one” Margarita. And my disease begins way before the drink. It starts with negative attitudes, behaviors, words and perceptions. By staying spiritually healthy I can keep my mind in a positive place and stay away from that next drink, and the total destruction of this amazing life the program has given me. 

Sobriety, not booze,  is my best friend today. And for that reason, ILML!

— JamieQ

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